Why can’t even clean, filtered water be poured into the washer tank?

Why can’t even clean, filtered water be poured into the washer tank?

When operating a car both in winter and summer you will need to use the windshield washer, the effectiveness of which will directly depend on the quality of the windshield washer fluid used. Often car owners mistakenly believe that only in winter it is necessary to use a special antifreeze, and in summer you can fill the system with plain clean water. Let’s speak in detail about why it is not recommended to fill washer tank with common water. And if it’s not profitable to repair the machine, you can recycle it here: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrap-car-removal-aurora.

Why is it impossible to fill a washer tank even with clean, filtered water?

Not too clean water

At first glance, the tap water, or even from a quality filter, may seem clean enough to us, so many believe that you can save money on buying a special washer fluid. In reality, however, all water contains numerous impurities, which are gradually deposited inside the tank, on numerous pipes of the system and inside the nozzles of sprayers.

In the end, after a few years of such improper operation of the windshield washer system, we encounter a situation where the pipes and nozzles of the atomizer inside are covered with a dense calcium deposit, which significantly impairs the performance of the entire system. After a few years, the first problems with the windshield washers appear, which eventually become dirty and no longer function properly.

Another serious problem when using regular water in the washer tank is the appearance of rust on the metal elements. Usually the nozzles or the impeller of the pump are made of metal, and with prolonged contact with water in just a few years the first traces of corrosion appear, after which such expensive parts require replacement.

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Why is it not recommended to fill the washer tank with plain water?

A quality washer fluid

A car owner should make it a rule to use antifreeze in the winter, and in the summer in the washer tank should be poured a special liquid, which has good anti-corrosion properties and at the same time does not contaminate the inside of the sockets and nozzles. The cost of such specialized auto chemical today is not too high, at the same time its consumption is minimal, which practically does not increase the car owners’ expenses.

Using properly selected fluid for windshield washer fluid, you don’t risk critical damage to the motor or atomizers, while their replacement will cost a car owner a pretty penny. Another advantage of using such a special washer fluid is its excellent washing properties, which allows keeping the windshield always clean, eliminating streaks, ensuring good visibility, and that is driving safety.

A car owner must remember that you should not save on technical fluids and car maintenance. This also applies to the use of a special fluid for the window washer. You should not buy such auto chemicals at markets or in hypermarkets, it is also not recommended to use ordinary water, as it pollutes the entire system and causes corrosion. Buying such car chemistry at specialized stores, the car owner will be completely sure of its quality, which excludes the necessity of performing expensive car repairs later on.

It is not uncommon that the producers save on the quality of their auto chemicals. As a result, it is not safe to use such washer fluids. Inhaling the vapors of such washer fluid can cause allergy or breathing problems. That is why you should be extremely careful to choose a fluid for the car window washer, buying car chemistry in specialized stores and not saving on its quality.

To sum up

Often car owners in the warm season do not use a special chemical for the window washer, and fill the tank with plain water. Unfortunately, this leads to the corrosion of the metal elements of the system, inside the pipes and in the tank of the expander there is a thick calcium deposit, which is extremely difficult to get rid of. To avoid such problems it is necessary to use special auto-chemistry, which has good anti-corrosion properties, has active detergent additives, does not contaminate the system and is completely safe to use.

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