Which rear brakes are better: drums or discs?

Which rear brakes are better: drums or discs?

Cars produced 20-30 years ago and more were equipped with reliable drum brakes that required virtually no maintenance. Today, most cars have modern disc brakes, which are effective, but they require regular service, replacement of pads and discs. Let’s talk in detail about what are the best brakes on the car – drum brakes and disc brakes. And if there’s nothing left on your car but brakes, give it to a recycler: https://scrapmycarnear.me.

Which rear brakes are better: drums or discs?

Advantages and disadvantages of drum brakes
You often hear that drum brakes are the lot of cheap cars, and today, supposedly, on modern cars, this type of brakes are no longer used. This is partly true, but at the same time you should consider that the drum brakes have certain advantages, and in some cases they are not inferior to expensive disc brakes.

What to choose the rear brakes: the drum brakes or the disk brakes

Among the advantages of their use can be attributed to the low cost, as well as easy service, which is carried out at high mileage. Drum brakes are practically not in contact with dirt, water and dust, which greatly simplifies their operation. If we talk about the disadvantages of this type of brakes, it should be noted that the driver to stop the car has to apply much more effort. Also, when a significant load can be noted jamming of the brakes, after which it is required to repair the car.

Disc brakes

Today disc brakes are the most popular, which is explained by their versatility and efficiency of use. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the high cost of the used parts, which significantly increases the car owner’s costs for the maintenance of such machines. Disc brake system is performed open type, so the pads and discs are in contact with dirt and water, which can lead to rapid wear or thermal deformation.

The quality of the disc brakes will directly depend on the correct service of the car. Not only will the discs and pads need to be cleaned constantly, but they will also need to be replaced on a regular basis. You should not neglect such service, as increasing the service interval significantly reduces the effectiveness of the brakes and increases the likelihood of accidents.

What type of rear brakes to choose: drum or disk brakes

The advantages of disc brakes include their excellent efficiency, resistance to heat and the minimum probability of disc jamming during the movement of the car. Sports cars also install upgraded disc brakes, which use ceramic rather than durable metal, which is resistant to heat and does not lose its effectiveness even after a dozen emergency brakes in a row.

Which rear brakes are better: drum brakes or disc brakes?

To summarize.

Taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of such brakes, we can conclude that the best option for the car today will be a disc brake system. It is not only durable and reliable, but also provides excellent performance in a wide range of speeds. However, drum brakes are also relevant today, they are simple and cheap to maintain, so they are even currently installed on a variety of budget cars.

Car owners need to remember that trouble-free use and effectiveness of disc brakes can be ensured only if regular and proper service. It is necessary to read the manufacturer’s recommendations for the service interval of pad replacement, and for such work you should use only high-quality original consumables. Only in this case it will be possible to ensure trouble-free operation of the car, and the driver will always be confident in his car and the possibility of its stopping in an emergency situation.

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