What is more important for a car’s dynamics: horsepower or torque?

What is more important for a car’s dynamics: horsepower or torque?

Modern engines have two main parameters: torque and power. At the same time, the debate does not subside about what is more important for the engine – power indicators in horsepower or torque in Newton meters. Let’s talk in more detail about why the dynamics of cars and its high-speed capabilities depend and cash for cars scarborough.

Objective reality
The engine power remains the same regardless of the speed of the vehicle. When accelerating, the car will be in front, which will have a higher engine power indicator, taking into account the weight of the car. In the past, when choosing cars, they paid attention only to engine power in horsepower, and practically no one knew about such a parameter as torque.

Most experts argue that torque is a bit overestimated, with horsepower being a much more important metric for a car. During acceleration, in order to ensure the maximum possible acceleration, you can switch to lower stages yourself, which allows you to ensure maximum vehicle dynamics. This allows even with high-speed motors to quickly accelerate from high speed.

Subjective assessments of car owners
It is believed that on engines that have more torque, during acceleration, the driver gets much more pleasure, which is explained by the responsive reaction of the car to pressing the gas pedal. On diesel cars, torque peaks at near the bottom of the revs, so it seems that such a car accelerates much better than comparable cars at a higher horsepower value.

Drivers often mistakenly believe that torque is much more important for the dynamics of a car. Whereas the maximum power indicator is usually achieved at high rpm, to which we do not spin the engine. The dynamics of the car will really depend on the torque indicator and precisely on when this indicator is reached at high or low revs. It should nevertheless be said that only the acceleration intensity depends on the torque indicator, while the maximum speed depends solely on the horsepower.

Realizing power with different transmissions
Modern cars are equipped with gearboxes of various types, including automatic machines, robots and variators. The advanced electronics of such transmissions allows better implementation of the power characteristics of the engines, while it is possible to activate both Comfort and Sport modes. In the automatic transmission, the transmission itself increases or decreases the gear, thereby ensuring the comfort of driving, and the car can easily maintain the speed set by the driver or the acceleration he needs.

Continuously variable transmissions variators are at all capable of efficiently realizing power without losing it for switching, therefore such machines are considered the most dynamic and fastest. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that variators today are not able to withstand increased loads from powerful engines, therefore this type of transmission is most widespread in small cars that have a not very powerful engine, but at the same time such boxes best implement their dynamic characteristics.

Let’s summarize
Most experts and experienced car owners agree that horsepower is much more important for an engine than torque in Newton meters. The fact is that the rate of acceleration intensity largely depends on the torque, while the power of the car and the maximum speed are exclusively horsepower.

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