The most popular car colors are gray, black and white. For the second year already, white holds the leadership for the color of cars around the world. Such a car can be recycled under the program scrap truck removals.

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dies have proven that white is the most popular color of motorists, and such preferences are identical throughout the world. Silver and light gray cars are less popular now, although they occupy quite a significant share of the market.

The company DuPont, a major manufacturer of automotive paints, has conducted its 56th annual survey of color preferences of cars in the world. Mainly the studies were conducted in Europe, North and South America, but also affected India and Russia, where the automotive markets are developing the fastest.

According to the company, automotive colors can be divided into four categories: “morning”, “afternoon”, “evening” and “night. The first category is mainly used for environmentally friendly cars. Such light colors are already predominant in interiors, package designs, clothing and automobiles.

The main task of “day” tones is to draw attention to the vehicle itself. These are saturated, bright colors that are mostly used among small city vehicles. Calmer colors are represented in the “evening” group, but even here there is room for emotion. “Night” category are deep, noble dark shades.

White and its shades, such as caramel, pearl white and others, are becoming more and more popular today, although for many years it was unfashionable. It is the leader in North America, Asia and is presented as one of the strongest in the whole world.

Next in the ranking are black and silver, but now shades of them are becoming more common. Using the methods of applying paint in three layers – base, base color, pigments and special effects, it is possible to obtain a complex color with which the car acquires luxury color combinations. In addition, pure colors such as blue and red are topical nowadays.

It is blue that is becoming more and more popular and may soon become one of the leaders. However, in Europe black is still the favorite, in Asia – white, while in Latin America these colors are present in equal proportions.


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