Protecting the crankcase in winter

Protecting the crankcase in winter

We are used to the fact that the crankcase protection is necessary for off-road vehicles, which drive on off-road. But it is not so. In winter, when the roads even within the city become difficult to pass, such protection will not hurt the passenger car as well. After all, an unfortunate collision with a block of ice or a snow bump can damage the car, as a result you will need a quality repair of the car engine or turning in the car for recycling and finding an answer to the question what documents do you need to scrap a car.

Therefore, now install a crankcase protection made of steel and aluminum sheets with a thickness of 2-3 mm. Masters carefully measure, cut, bend and secure the product under the bottom of the car under the engine. With such protection the engine is not afraid of trouble in the form of uncollected snow and



Another option to solve the problem is to mount the “branded” crankcase protection on the original body fasteners. As a result, important car components are not affected, and the dirt, snow and pebbles do not get into the gap between the product and the bottom of the car.

If such a crankcase protection is made by a homemade method, it will cope with the task at hand. But in this case, self-tapping screws are used for fixing. Drilled for this purpose holes in the bottom will eventually experience the negative effects of corrosive processes.

Some motorists are afraid that because of such protection, the engine overheats strongly in summer. It is partially so, if a car stands in long traffic jams in severe heat. But this problem concerns all machines, not only those equipped with a crankcase protection. Therefore, to protect against overheating, pay attention to the work of the thermostat and cleanness of the cooling radiator.

To prevent the installed protection from hindering the oil change, a special wrap-around hatch is made in it. As a result, the oil change procedure is not complicated at all, but you will be confident in the safety of your car’s engine on any road all year round.

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