How can I increase the power of the motor?

How can I increase the power of the motor?

A powerful engine makes driving a car much easier, providing good dynamics and comfort during journeys. It is not surprising that many car owners think about the possibility of increasing the power of the engine of their car. Let’s talk in detail about effective and efficient ways of tuning your car and adding engine horsepower. You can discuss car recycling conditions here:

How is it possible to increase motor power?

Chip tuning

Chip tuning or reprogramming of the electronic control unit is a fairly simple, effective and inexpensive way to significantly increase the car power. In this case a reprogramming of the control unit is performed or a small additional box is installed which substantially changes the original engine settings.

How is it possible to increase the engine power?

Such way to increase the power is good with its minimal cost and efficiency. The car owner will be able to select the degree of forcing the motor depending on its requirements. This can be a relatively small increase in power, and tough tuning, when a motor squeeze out all the possible horsepower. At the same time you need to realize that many engine elements are often not adapted for such substantial loads, which somewhat reduces the life of the car.

Installation of a directtok

Another effective way to get about 10-15% extra horsepower is to install a straight-through exhaust system. You can find such a straight-through on a variety of cars, including tuning, produced by leading manufacturers. More often than not, the straighttalk is installed as an addition to engine tuning.

The main ways to increase the engine power

The advantages of installing a straighttalk can include the affordable cost of such systems, as well as the minimization of damage to the engine and the absence of any reduction in the resource of the motor. However, many car owners do not like the characteristic roar of the straight-through system, which it produces on the car.

Installation of an upgraded exhaust system
Many manufacturers, for the sake of environmental parameters, strangle their engines, including the installation of various catalysts, which clean the exhaust gases, but at the same time do not reduce the engine power. As a result, just by removing such a catalyst or installing a new exhaust manifold, it is possible to get a good horsepower gain. At the same time, the car owner is spared the need to subsequently restore and replace the catalytic converter, which is an extremely expensive spare part and occasionally fails.

The main ways to increase the engine power

Installing a turbocharger

Probably the most effective way to increase a car’s power is to install a turbocharger. Such superchargers allow you to almost double the standard engine power. It is only necessary to understand that when installing a turbine powerful in its pressure it is necessary to change the remaining elements of the engine, which significantly increases the cost of such work. Carry out such work on tuning should be performed by specialists, which will avoid the loss of engine operating life.

The main ways to increase engine power

Let us summarize

There are several fairly effective ways to increase engine power, including reprogramming the engine control unit, installing a turbocharger, replacing the regular exhaust system with an upgraded straight-through, removing the catalytic converter and using a zero resistance air filter. Just remember that such work should be planned and carried out by specialists, which will help to avoid problems with the reliability of the engine in the future.

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