Frequent mistakes made by drivers that lead to serious engine failures

Frequent mistakes made by drivers that lead to serious engine failures

Knowing the car owner’s rules for operating the engine will help to avoid serious malfunctions, the power unit will last for many years without causing any special problems. Let us tell you about five common mistakes that are guaranteed to “kill” the engine in the car and cash for cars.

Untimely “oil” service
Oil is a kind of blood of the engine, the purity of which will depend on the absence of breakdowns in the power unit. If the car owner has not changed the oil for a long time, the wear products and the smallest metal chips will accumulate in it, it all leads to problems with cooling and masking of moving parts, the oil ducts will get clogged and finally serious damages will occur, there will be a need for major repairs or an engine replacement. It is recommended in modern cars to change oil every 8-10 thousand kilometers, depending on whether the car is used exclusively in the city or on the highway.

Using Cheap Oil Filters
Most car owners tend to save money on car maintenance, they choose not official workshops, but private service stations, they buy non-original spare parts and quality duplicates, or they do some work in the car themselves. When performing oil service will invariably require the use of an appropriate filter, and you should not save on its quality. An attempt to buy a cheaper oil filter leads to poor filtration of small soot particles and metal chips or a considerable drop in pressure in the lubricating system, the engine quickly wears out and the probability of engine failure increases.

The owner neglects replacement of air filters
When operating a car, many of us don’t think about the need to replace air filters. Their price is not too high, however, if such filter loses its characteristics, dust and small grains of sand may get into the combustion chambers along with the air, which leads to scuffing and the necessity to replace or rebuild the cylinder block. A clogged air filter leads to a considerable increase in fuel consumption, which is an unnecessary expense that could have been avoided. Experts recommend changing such an air filter every year or along with the oil.

Refueling with low-quality fuel
Low-quality fuel may contain various additives, which subsequently precipitate on the injectors and in the combustion chamber, considerably worsening the engine operation, which may require cleaning and repair. Also the fuel may contain various impurities, deposited later on the bottom of the tank, resulting in the need for disassembly and costly cleaning. Car owners can only recommend not to save on the quality of fuel, never fill the tank with gasoline with a lower octane number than that recommended by the manufacturer of the car and fill only at gas stations that belong to large networks.

It is not necessary to trust blindly the dealer
If you purchase a new car before the expiration of the warranty, it is required to have it serviced exclusively by an official dealer. Specialists in such a service center will recommend performing certain procedures, using different auto-chemistry for the power unit, buying expensive specialized oil and so on. Remember that not all such recommendations will be helpful; it is not uncommon for such situations when dishonest auto mechanics work at a dealer. They try by all means to impose additional services, which are unnecessary to a car owner and which may simply lead to engine malfunction.

Let us summarize.
It is necessary to operate the car properly, adhering to certain rules of engine use, which will allow avoiding serious malfunctions. First and foremost, this applies to oil service and the use of quality oil filters. On a regular basis it is required to change the air filter, fill up only with quality fuel. Remember also that you should not blindly trust the official dealer’s employees and follow all their recommendations on car operation.

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