A modern car is beautiful, durable and safe if you take good care of it. What happens is that the body metal not only rots, but also gets instantly damaged and

deformed when you get in an accident. Because of this, you will need auto body repair. Let’s talk about what it is today. If it’s too late for a body repair, take advantage of scrapping car for money.

Car Body RepairTo successfully perform car body repair, today such equipment is used as staples, sets of hammers, pistons and many other tools. Also, there are used materials that are as close in quality as possible to those used by car plants. Qualified professionals work on and with all of this. Thus, in auto body repair, it is important to have:

Modern equipment with tools.
High-quality materials.
Masters with certain qualifications welders, straighteners, painters, etc.
How does a car body repair take place? Usually this event is implemented in three stages:

It is necessary to restore the dimensions of the body, its geometry. To do this, the metal is not only straightened, but also pulled. Exactly here the supporting elements of the body are straightened, and also the details, responsible for safety.
Next comes the anti-corrosion treatment, and the welds are machined. In particular, welding seams made during the repair in the first stage.
Puttying, as well as priming and subsequent painting of the body surface. In auto body repair, it is almost unrealistic to avoid painting, painting work.
However, if the dent is small and the paint coating is intact, it is possible to perform paintless dent re

moval on the b

ody. To do this, the mechanic uses a simple kit that includes pistons, glue, a hammer and some other simple tools. The piston is smeared with glue and glued to the dent.

Then the metal is pulled back in this uncomplicated way. If the deformation is in a very hard-to-reach place, the specialist uses a hammer to gradually tap out the metal. Sometimes the metal is straightened more than necessary. In this case it is necessary to carry out additional straightening, gently tapping with a hammer on the deformed surface.

Such repair can be performed by the owner of the car right in the garage. It is enough to buy a set and apply it according to the instructions. However, if you feel that you can screw up in the course of such work, it is better to go to the car service center, where qualified workers will do everything for you.

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