ALL ABOUT PLUNGER injection pump

ALL ABOUT PLUNGER injection pump

The injection pump plunger consists of two parts: the plunger itself and the bushing, inside which the plunger itself “walks” up and down. There are holes in the bushing body through which diesel fuel enters in, and then is transferred to the car’s cylinders. These two parts are called the plunger pair of the injection pump. This is familiar to professionals who provide the service cash for cars.

Initially, the plunger is at the bottom of the sleeve. Further, thanks to the mechanism, it rises up, gradually the sleeve is filled with diesel fuel. When the plunger is fully raised, the pressure inside the sleeve reaches its maximum mark, and holes are opened through which fuel is distributed through the injectors in the combustion chamber. As soon as the plunger reaches the minimum mark at the bottom, all actions are repeated.

Plunger advantages and disadvantages
The creation of a plunger pair at one time greatly influenced the popularity of diesel engines. At the same time, the part has many advantages, among the main ones:

Simplicity of design and reliability. This is one of the most useful qualities of the plunger, since due to its simple design, the element works properly for a long time;
High efficiency;
Versatility. Despite its design, the element does an efficient job.
There are practically no drawbacks to the plunger. It is possible to single out only a relatively high price, but since the element has been working properly for a long time, it is rarely bought.

Malfunction symptoms
Since the plunger pair performs an important function in the injection pump, its malfunction can lead to vehicle failure. That is why it is important to react in a timely manner to signs indicating a malfunction of the injection pump plunger.

The main symptoms of a malfunction include the following:

Increased oil consumption;
Troits and sounds of an unknown nature from the engine;
Problems with starting the car;
Reducing the power of the internal combustion engine;
A sharp decrease in the idle speed of the internal combustion engine.
In the absence of certainty about the malfunction of a part, a professional diagnosis in a car service is necessary. Only professional equipment will be able to 100% identify a malfunction of the injection pump plunger.

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