3 common mistakes when driving a car with a mechanic – what will break?

3 common mistakes when driving a car with a mechanic – what will break?

The mechanical box and http://scrap4cash.com/ is chosen for its reliability, simplicity and low cost to repair, as well as for the lower cost when buying a new car. However, despite this popularity, quite a few drivers regularly make mistakes when using a manual transmission.

Foot on the clutch pedal
Oddly enough, a fairly large number of drivers, while still in a driving school, acquire such a bad habit of constantly keeping their left foot on the clutch pedal. Sometimes this leads to the fact that the motorist does not notice how he starts to slightly press the pedal, spreading the clutch discs. This ends with accelerated wear of the clutch mechanism and the need to repair it.

Abrupt engagement of reverse gear
Another popular mistake is the late engagement of the reverse gear. Most often this happens when the car is parked, when the driver, without waiting for the car to stop completely, tries to engage reverse gear. The box reacts to such actions with a strong grinding and crackling of gears. If this is done on a regular basis, then the breakdown of the gearbox is guaranteed.

Engine braking
There is such a driving technique as engine braking, which consists of a gradual deceleration of the car, downshifting. This is to reduce the load on the brakes, for example on steep descents. If this technique is performed incorrectly, then there is a very high risk of breaking the gearbox. Indeed, when braking by the engine, the gearbox is forced to work at high speeds, close to the limit.

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