Fruit for All, a program of Eat Local Sudbury, is a community initiative focused on connecting Sudburians who have surplus fruit in their yard with people who can use the fruit. Volunteers pick the fruit and it is shared between community food programs, volunteers, and fruit owners (if they wish). Fruit for All may also take up to 1/4 of the fruit to use in revenue-generating initiatives to help fund the program.

The Sudbury Fruit for All program is modelled on successful fruit-sharing programs in other cities. Working cooperatively with Eat Local Sudbury, program development began in 2013, with our first fruit-picking taking place in the fall of 2014.

In 2015, we shared nearly 1,500 pounds of fruit with various community food organizations. 

Residents with surplus fruit from trees in their yards may sign up to be potential donors. Picking events are organized where volunteers collect ripe fruit from donors’ yards.  The harvest is divided up as follows:

1/4 to organizations that use the fruit in community kitchens, meal programs and other non-profit food programs. For a list of recipients, see “Who Gets Our Fruit?”

1/4 to volunteers (if they wish)

1/4 to tree owners (if they wish)

1/4 to Fruit for All, to use in revenue-generating activities to assist in running the program

Fruit for All is generously supported byOTFHORIZcolour